Black River First Nation


O'Hanley, Manitoba
R0E 1K0
Phone: (204) 367-4411
Fax: (204) 367-2000

Current Chief & Council:

  • Chief Frank Abraham
  • Councillor Rhonda Abraham
  • Councillor Brian Henderson
  • Councillor Nelson Bird


At the banks of the O'Hanley and Black Rivers, along the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, 32 kilometers north of Pine Falls, and 150 kilometers north of Winnipeg.

Band No: 260

Reserve: I.R. No. 9

Area: 809.3 Hectares  

Language: Anishiinabe

Economic Base: Trapping agricultural development, wild rice harvesting, hunting and commercial fishing.



  • On-reserve - 869
  • Off-reserve - 324
  • Total Population - 1,220 (effective, October 16, 2013, as per Membership Clerk)


Black River is accessible by an all-weather road via PTH #304 and 4 km of municipal road.


Commercial Businesses and/or Services:

  • Black River Band Office
  • Black River School (Nursery to Grade 9)
  • Black River Health Centre
  • Headstart Program
  • Truss Plant
  • Clarence Bird Sr. (Grader Operations)
  • Moppa's Store
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Alternative Education Program
Black River Restaurant
Black River Store
Southeast Resource Development Council Corp.
Head Office: Box 30 Scanterbury, Manitoba R0E 1W0
Winnipeg Office: 6th Floor - 360 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T6